Thomas, pa:

Relationoship: Client
Project Date: July 2007
Project Price: $50,000 - $100,000

My first experience with Mark Austin Building & Remodeling was with the overhaul of our kitchen. Their outstanding eye for a balanced look along with a thorough knowledge of products in the market place helped my wife get the kitchen she was looking for.

A couple years later, we needed to address some maintenance issues on the exterior of our home. Because of our first experience, I went back to Mark. He suggested that we might enhance the curb appeal of our home greatly with a few cosmetic changes that could be made during this maintenance project.

Austin's artistic eye and quality of work is second to none. They were up front and honest with. I totally recommend them.

Gregory, PA:

Relationoship: Client
Project Date: July 2013
Project Price: more than $100,000

Mark Austin Building & Remodeling built an in-law apartment that was over 1,300 sq. ft onto my house, which included a kitchen, living room, sunroom, bedroom, covered back porch and front porch, and a bathroom with a walk-in closet and very large crawlspace for storage.

They were on time, kept to a schedule, checked on the subcontractors everyday, and paid very close attention to detail.

Mark Austin Building & Remodeling treated me like I was the boss and what I wanted, he provided, but nicely professional experience when he saw something  that should have been done in a different way and I was happy to take his advice. Everytime I had a question, he responded immediately and never left me hanging. I highly recommend them to anyone.

David & Carin, PA:

Relationoship: Client
Project Date: July 2012
Project Price: 
more than $100,000

Mark Austin Building & Remodeling added an addition to our home, did extensive exterior remodeling on the existing structure and completed the interior on the addition as well as an existing room and office.

My profession involves working closely with the local builders and remodeling contractors, and the quality of workmanship equals or exceeds anything I have seen  in this major market. They also have a great vision for the finished project and made numerous suggestions and changes throughout the project that greatly enhanced the finished product.

Equally important, the crews were professional, courteous and clean. I heartily recommend these guys for any construction or remodeling project

Dan & Betsy, PA:

Relationoship: Client
Project Date: July 2010
Project Price: 
more than $100,000

Mark Austin and his team built our original house back in 1991/92 when we were just cutting his teeth as an independent contractor. We were building our first (and only) house and he had been recommended by a friend of ours. After seeing some of Mark's work, we decided to put him on our bid list. He worked from our "blue print" (made from a $50 software package... DOS based, so you know it was basic), gave us a price and won the bid. He wasn't the lowest bidder, but the craftsmanship we saw in his work more than made up for the price difference.

Seven months later we were in our house. Nineteen years later and we still love it! Mark stayed true to the plans in material and detail, offering several modifications and suggestions, which we are glad we accepted.

In 2010, when we wanted to add a sunroom to the house, there was no question who would to the construction. For this project, we had no firm plans. In fact, we couldn't figure how to tie an addition onto the existing  structure without it looking like a "tack on." Mark came up with a terrific solution, which met our needs architecturally as well as our budget. We're thrilled with the outcome, inside and out. On both projects, he was at tentative to our wishes and easy to work with. We'd recommend Mark Austin Building & Remodeling to anyone looking for a contractor who is serious about the quality of his projects.

Fred & Kathy, PA:

Relationoship: Client
Project Date: July 2010
Project Price: 
more than $100,000

In 2010, our neighborhood got hit by a horrible hail storm. Mark Austin Building & Remodeling replaced the siding, fascias, and window trim on our house, and did an incredible job. Their attention to detail and superior workmanship (even in places where it will be covered) is outstanding. Our house now looks better than new!

We also had them build a deck and screened porch. We had an unusual roof configuration and the design that Mark came up with is fabulous! It looks like an integral part of the house, not just an addition.

Al, Brad and Josh did a fantastic job. They are extremely conscientious, hard working, talented craftsmen whose workmanship is first rate. Qualities that you don't often find these days. We love our screened porch! Mark Austin Building & Remodeling... you guys are the best!


Myers floors & Interiors:

Relationoship: Quality Preferred Partner
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We have worked with Mark Austin Building & Remodeling for over 10 years. Their craftsmanship, creativity and attention to detail truly set them apart. As custom builders, Mark and Josh Austin enable their clients to personalize their homes so each project, whether it's a single room or entire house, reflects the homeowner's unique style.

For the homeowner who appreciates value, lasting quality and fine workmanship, Mark Austin Building & Remodeling is the perfect choice.

David Monsour, Realtor:

Relationship: Quality Preferred Partner
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There is a good chance that buying/building a house is one of the largest investments of a person's life. It's the heart of many memories and while we are often willing to accept the cheapest bid to build a house, we most certainly don't hire the cheapest, least experienced surgeon to perform open heart surgery. Consider the old adage, "Do it once, do it right."

Mark Austin Building & Remodeling represents the pinnacle of craftsmanship. They do it right, they are honest, and they are genuine. It's not all about the process of building the house properly, but also the about a vision of design, character, originality. As a real estate professional, I see houses every single day. In a world of mediocrity, Mark Austin Building & Remodeling stands head and shoulders above the rest.

I could go on, but their work speaks of itself.

He wasn't the lowest bidder, but the craftsmanship we saw in his work more than made up for the price difference.
- Dan & Betsy